Positive Behavior

What behaviors do you explicitly try to praise? How do you do that?


One Response to Positive Behavior

  1. samjshah says:

    When I have kids who volunteer to go to the board to put up some work (on the days we go over homework in that way), I always say thank you to the students, give them a piece of candy, and remind them that I don’t care if they’re right or not. And if they’re NOT right, that’s even better because we get to make mistakes and learn from them. (“If we were all right all the time, class would be so boring.”)

    Actually when kids are working in groups, once in a while (and it is random) I’ll give two people working together well a piece of candy and say “great job working together.” It not only makes them feel good but it motivates others who are nearby. Forgetting about the candy, it makes them know that I’m watching them and care about how they interact.

    I actually am not all about candy, but these small things seem to work for me. There are more, I’m sure, but I want to go answer more questions on this site!

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