Collecting & Returning Work

How do you collect & return papers? (Including late assignments)


4 Responses to Collecting & Returning Work

  1. I Speak Math says:

    It’s a madhouse. I either have them pass them up or just swoop around the room. I do assign each student a math number at the beginning of the year so abc order is thoughtless. That makes sorting/recording a breeze.

  2. samjshah says:

    I collect papers by walking around and taking them. On test days, I always used to have issues wrestling papers out of student hands. Who knew that after a “Please finish up you have one minute left” a simple “I need your pencils down on the count of three…. One. Two. Three” works like magic. Then you just collect.

    I return papers by walking around and handing them out. I have small classes. I would probably organize my papers by the way the seating chart was, and return them, if I had bigger classes.

    When kids are absent when I hand back a test, I will staple a piece of scrap paper to the front of the test and folding the test in half hotdog style (so no one can sneak a look without picking it up), write their name on the scrap paper in a bold marker, and put it in a file folder that I have taped to the office door, for them to pick up. If I had a dedicated classroom, I would put the file folder there. Then I send a quick email to whoever was missing telling them that their test was graded and where to pick it up. Then it is on them. I’m not chasing them around, nor having to remember to return it to them during the next class.

  3. Tina C says:

    I have two folders for each class. One hand in, and one hand back. The folders are in magazine stands on the supply table. When students have an assignment to hand in I have them all pass the papers to the left and the last person walks over to put them in the folder. For quizzes that they correct at 3 stations around the room they leave the quiz at the station and I collect the 3 piles at the end. Students also know that if they need to hand something else in (make up work, corrections) they can just put it in the correct folder.

    I once heard that teachers should aim to touch each piece of paper as few times as possible. I don’t have to worry about getting to everyone and students can’t blame me for losing something- it’s their responsibility to make sure it’s in the folder.

    I’m not as good about handing things back. I like to do it while students are working on something since it gets me moving throughout the room and I’m much less likely to get stuck talking to a particular pair when I know I need to hand back a pile of papers. However, I get distracted and forget to pick up the folder. This year I will encourage students to remind me to pass work back. Students who finish an assignment early are given a choice between helping other students or doing some task for me like handing back papers. Too bad I usually plan assignments that take the whole class!

  4. I use a folder system, one folder for each group. There is a group organizer who picks up the folder from the magazine stand that holds the folders for each class. The organizer collects their group’s homework, puts it in order (students are assigned a number, based on the seating chart), and places it into the left side of the folder. The graded homework from the previous day is on the right side of the folder and the organizer passes it out to their group members. All of the folders for a given class (usually 4 – 6 folders since I use groups of 4) are the same color. It’s awesome because there’s no chance for me to lose homework – it never leaves the group folder, just moves from one side to the other. And the responsibility is on them to pick up and return homework. I have the gradebook organized by numerical order so entering homework grades is also a snap. If a kid is absent, the organizer puts their name on any blank handouts and puts them in the folder to give to the student when they return so the folder also helps me organize work for absent students.

    Students put their number on tests and quizzes so that I can quickly sort, enter grades, and pass them out quickly since the numbers are arranged by group.

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