Major Values

What are the major values you want upheld in your classroom?


5 Responses to Major Values

  1. Karl Mason says:

    Safety for all (emotional and physical),
    Attainment for all (emotional wellbeing and mathematical achievment)
    Social ability (to be able to work as part of a team)
    Enjoyment (learning should be fun, not stressful!)

  2. Miss Iggy says:

    Adding to the above list:

    Acceptance of resposibility for acheivement & content mastery

  3. I was just involved in a 3-week summer program where our students came up with the following values for our class:

    Inclusion (I like this one a lot a lot a lot)

    A question for those who have already commented and for those who will comment: how do you communicate these values to your students? Are they displayed on the wall at the beginning of the year and discussed on the first day? Are they constructed as a class and agreed upon within the first week? Do you provide a structure so your students can take some sort of ownership of these values? We were able to do this in our 3-week enrichment summer course, but I’m struggling with ways to keep a classroom philosophy relevant throughout an entire school year in a classroom full of students who are required to attend my class…

  4. Karl Mason says:

    You need to actively teach your values and refer to them in all your behaviour management. I have a behaviour form that has a list of my values on it, and asks the pupil to inform me what rules and rights he has infringed upon.

    I have the values displayed large, right at the front, in the centre of the room, I refer to them religiously in the first half term. I also refer to them a the start of every subsequent half term.

    As I consider them as my expectations, there is no room for negotiation really. I allow each class to add a rule to my 3 basic rules for their part in my rules.

    I forgot a last one too, the most important, to always be fair and just and allow everybody their right of reply.

  5. Courtney says:

    Self sufficiency. I say a lot of “I’m sorry”s in my room.

    “I don’t have a pencil.” I’m sorry.
    “I didn’t do my homework.” I’m sorry.
    “I forgot my book in my locker.” I’m sorry.

    The general response from students is usually a stunned silence until they realize that I don’t plan on providing them with a solution to their problem. If they come up with a solution I would be happy to provide feedback if I don’t think that solution is appropriate, but you’ve got to start thinking of those things on your own.

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