Behavior Norms

What are your norms for behaving/learning (behavior)?


2 Responses to Behavior Norms

  1. zshiner says:

    As stated in my non-negotiables: my two essential rules are:

    1) No stopping yourself or others from learning.
    2) No stopping yourself or others from teaching.

    This manifests into behavior norms in that students need to support and help each other to achieve at their full potential. Students who are negative to each other (unhelpful, name-calling, etc.) are both making it harder for others to learn as well as refusing to teach one another. When I see this I hope to be able to point to the non-negotiables and highlight how the student’s behavior is negatively affecting the learning environment.

  2. Karl Mason says:

    I think you can distill that into one simple rule.

    1 – treat everybody with respect.

    You can argue stopping teaching or learning is breaking this simple rule.

    Also, what about pupils that don’t obey your rules, what about a normally well mannered child having a bad day? How do we deal with this, what are your norms for correction?

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