Blurting Answers

What if someone is a blurter?


2 Responses to Blurting Answers

  1. Karl Mason says:

    Whatever you do, don’t accept the answer, even if it is right. If somebody shouts out the answer and you allow it to stand, then you reinforce bad behaviours. Insist on only taking answers from pupils with hands up, if you still use hands up that is, and reward all pupil who put their hands up. If the blurter puts their hand up, praise them for following the rules and take their answer. Keep reinforcing good behaviour, I can’t emphasise this enough.

  2. misscalcul8 says:

    Switch back and forth between ‘Hands’ and ‘No Hands’. Hands means they have to wait to be called on and no hands means anyone and everyone can answer.

    Or start calling on students randomly, hands raised or not.

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