Student Organization

How should students organize themselves/their papers? What different types of physical things do students need (notebooks, binders, strips of scratch paper, etc.)?


3 Responses to Student Organization

  1. mshelft says:

    So, in thinking about this, it’s helpful for me to make a list of what I WANT out of student organization (and teacher organization).

    I know that I want there to be space or a place for students to put their random thoughts/quick exercises/scrap notes, place for their warm-ups and exit tickets, place to keep important notes for the short terms (by unit), and also important papers that you’ll need all year long (vocabulary lists, multiplication tables, classroom norms or rules or green sheets or anything else).

    So the first question I have is – where do students keep all those things (or how are they organized in one binder), and what elements of those papers stay in the classroom vs. go home?

    The second question is – which papers do I communicate need to stay with the student through the unit/year? How do I distinguish between things that are important and things that may not be as important? Should students keep all of their scratch work in the same place, or is it only the actual papers that contain the information on them. I really hate individual pieces of binder paper. They are almost always illegible.

    Also, are notebooks sustainable with 150 students?

  2. Hellen says:

    I’m asking students to have a 3-ring binder — Math only — with 4 binder section dividers labeled:
    Notes / Classwork
    Tests / Quizzes

    I will see if that helps to keep their work organized. I’m also thinking of grading the binder — not sure how much yet — as an incentive. Note that my students are very young (8th graders) and need a lot of help with organization.

  3. Courtney says:

    I love interactive notebooks!!! Keeps them organized while learning and creating a great tool to reference in the future!

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