What is the series of consequences for an action? How are these reinforced? How do students know the consequences for their actions?


2 Responses to Consequences

  1. Karl Mason says:

    The consequence should always have some relation to the act and be a fair sanction. The pupils must understand that its the certainty of consequence, not severity, that makes misbehaving a bad idea. The rest of the class must see you applying sanctions to anything you perceive as misbehaving otherwise you are basically saying you allow the behaviour. Make sure you never set an action you can’t follow up, never punish the whole for the one.

  2. Restorative practice is a big idea at my school that has won me over. At first, it seemed a bit wishy-washy, touchy-feely, but after putting it into practice, I am a convert. It builds trust, creates a sense of community and accountability in the classroom and sets a positive tone that learning is the number one priority.

    See more at:

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