Who do you collaborate with?  How do you collaborate with them?


4 Responses to Collaboration

  1. Karl Mason says:

    I am posting this thought here because you don’t seem to have anywhere that is the


    So here is my single pearl of wisdom.

    The very last thing you should do before you sign off on a Friday – POSITIVE PHONECALL HOME. Find somehting that has gone in the week good and make that your last act before you finish on a Friday, I try and do a few. I can’t explain how happy it will make you, your student and their parents.

    Please, please, please, if you take anything from me, let this be it.

  2. Fluxion Fred says:

    Excellent. Does that mean you don’t make time for this during the week? I agree that these calls make everyone happy, and you must find time each week to do this.

    Philosophically, aren’t *most* phone calls home positive, if we’re doing out job right? “I’m glad Little Johnnie is so comfortable in this class.” (Not “he chats with everyone, non-stop.”) “I want to help him make this his most successful math class ever.” (Not “he needs to shape up right now, or else.”) “I’m excited to offer these suggestions, which I think he’ll find very rewarding.”

  3. Karl Mason says:

    Sometimes you are just so snowed under that you can not catch a break during the week to spread some love, so I always ensure I make it on a Friday, I obviously try and do it more, and more.

  4. Tina C says:

    I collaborate with my twitter crew (@crstn85) and my co-workers. But it’s tough to find time to meet with co-workers in person, so the use of shared folders in dropbox is a lifesaver- I make a file and then email people to check the file in their dropbox if I need input.

    I started writing post cards home on Fridays and I totally agree, it’s an excellent way to end the week!

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