Extra Credit

Do you give extra credit? What is it used for? Points, tardies, homework passes, etc.?


2 Responses to Extra Credit

  1. Karl Mason says:

    You have to be careful about extra credit allowing no homework – homework should never be set because you are meant to set it, it should always push the pupil on to the next level of learning. Homework for homework’s sake really engenders hatered of a subject.

    For me, I use a few ideas, I award tickets which go into a half-termly raffle for things like bars of chocolate and the like, also if your school has a whole school reward policy you can use that. You can also use it for allowing a person 10 minutes of ‘them-time’ at the end of a lesson, specifically if there is something they like to do.

  2. Jeff d. says:

    I don’t award extra credit at all. Our school separates other skills/behavior from the content grade: 50% is content, while the other 50% is made up of five school-wide learning outcomes (work ethic, collaboration, written communication, oral communication, and critical thinking/reflection). That being said, I need my content grade to remain pure. It needs to reflect what you know about the mathematical content and processes – nothing more, nothing less. Allowing extra credit would pollute that grade.

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