Meaning of Grades

What do grades mean? (Content mastery? Improvement? Positive Behaviors? Etc.)


2 Responses to Meaning of Grades

  1. Tim Walker says:

    Funny, we were just having this conversation at school today. What does a grade mean? Are the same across the school or even district? I feel as though the only to truly make a grade representative of what knows is to take the teacher out of the equation. The teacher should only be responsible for the teaching portion but not the grading of or creation of tests.

  2. Eddie Wright says:

    My thoughts are committee based grading and test creation will lead to better equitable grading, though not perfect. I also don’t mind having a teacher as part of the equation as I feel they are the true experts in the situation. I would like to see common, PLC created tests for chapter tests, district created common assessments for quarter tests, and a national normed test for finals. Just my thoughts what do you think?

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