Classroom Supplies

What supplies do you need, where do you keep them, and how do students get them?


3 Responses to Classroom Supplies

  1. Adopt-A-Classroom been berry, berry good to me.

    DonorsChoose is also good.

    I use both, but keep in mind:

    1) DC is more work because they hold you more accountable for feedback to the donors.
    2) DC has time limits for your specific projects.
    3) AAC clears your account at the end of each calendar year.

  2. Karl Mason says:

    Most important supplies:

    Ball point pens – blue, black, red and green – for brainstorming
    Pencils – for graphs and drawings in genreal
    Post-it notes – for scattergraphs and questions for the kids to post on the pupil voice board and the stuck-board.
    Rulers – for graphs and tables
    Protractors – angles, dear boy, angles
    Glue – sticking things in
    Felt-pens – for posters
    Pins – for displaying work

    Make sure you use monitors for everything that is handed out, a different monitor for each thing. This allows you to have a person to come back to, it saves you time, and allows you to reinforce good behaviours.

  3. I Speak Math says:

    Other than the basic supplies I have a set of individual dry-erase boards for student use. I had Lowes Home Improvement cut a piece of shower board up for me and it was very, very cheap. I have a small bin with the markers and cloths to erase. I bought bright orange microfiber rags at the drugstore for $1 each and cut them into fourths. They lasted me all year. I just took them home and threw them in the washer when they became gross.

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