The Board

What is the purpose of ‘the board’ in your classroom? Who uses it?


7 Responses to The Board

  1. Jennifer Krause says:

    The board has many uses in my classroom. I post the agenda on it as well as students will work out the warm up problems. The students testing schedule is also posted for the their reference. Probably the most important use the boards serve in my classroom, would be for AVID style tutorials for my algebra support students. Once they learn the how to do the tutorials, they really like using them!

  2. zshiner says:

    Hi Jennifer. Could you tell me more about the AVID style tutorials? Next year I will be teaching geometry with a support class and I am still toying with strategies for helping my students.

  3. Karl Mason says:

    I have two boards, an interactive white board and a plain old board. The plain one is an FAQ board for the students, which is where if they ask a question, I answer it to the student, then put their name with the question on the board so all the other students can learn from them. The IWB I use for sometimes teaching from the front or showing videos that dd-meyer produces! I also use it as a resource that the students can use to see how to do a topic.

  4. Eva Rudolph says:

    Also the Khan Academy ( is a great free reasource available. It is great for student independent practice–keeps track of progress and breaks classes down to asses strengths and weaknesses. I am really excited to use it more this year!

    The best part of the site are the hundreds and hundreds of instructional videos it offers-from basic math to calculus and physics. On my lesson days, i ususally teach the lesson and when it is time for students to practice (either in groups or alone) I play the corresponding video to reinforce. That way I can spend my time walking around the room to act more as an observer to see who understands the lesson and who needs additional help.

    The videos are simple, but the kids enjoy them because the guy who narrates, Salman Khan, often makes jokes and can be quite funny.

  5. mattgenton says:

    hi to all at i thought i had sent this newyears eve but it didnt send so i have sent it again good luck for 2012 to all of you
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  6. Tina C says:

    I want to change the ownership of ‘the board’ this year. I have several white boards throughout the room. One is dedicated to the agenda, I write it up before school and it doesn’t change (no big deal if we deviate from it, I don’t bother to adjust what’s written there). The other boards I’ve used for notices and other random things in the past, but this year I want to leave them available for students to work in groups at the board. I’ll have a bigger classroom with enough space for students to move around and I hope to encourage that this year. There’s also a smart board which will be primarily ‘mine’ but more because that’s where I plan to leave the directions, the students know how to use it better than I do.

  7. Jeff d. says:

    Well, the Promethean is primarily used by me to project warm-up problems, the agenda, and to think through problems as a class and display student work (with the document camera). Otherwise, all the whiteboards (and windows) are primarily used by learners, although I’ll use them for workshops (direct instruction) on occasion. This year I’m going to add smaller whiteboards that the learners can work on at their desks (we have some now, but they’re too small for a group to work with). Bottom line: the learners know they can use the whiteboards whenever they want…it’s their workspace.

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