What if someone makes a mistake?


3 Responses to Mistakes

  1. Karl Mason says:

    Ask them to get a partner to check through it, see if the friend can help them. If they can’t then help the person and get the person to help their partner.

  2. misscalcul8 says:

    One of my main goals is for them to be able to find their own errors and correct them. Always give them a chance to find and correct the mistake themselves and then give another student a chance to explain.

    If you’re talking about behavior, take them out into the hall and discuss. Ask them what they are going to do to prevent it from happening again. If they have no suggestions, give them suggestions of things other students did or tell them how you will handle it if they choose not to.

    If you’re talking about you making a mistake, always always admit to it. Correct it as soon as you can. Laugh it off and show that mistakes are part of life and no big deal. Show them you’re real.

  3. hillby says:

    Mistakes have to be a part of the classroom culture. The “Mistake Game” from Kelly O’Shea (Physics! Blog) helps.

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