What if you suspect a student of being drunk/high?


2 Responses to Drunk/High

  1. Karl Mason says:

    Be really careful on this, especially if you make false accusations, it really, really, really harms your rapport if you accuse people of lying who are not lying. Your best approach is to use an ‘ear message’ or to try and have a quick word with the person out of earshot with everybody else. A nice way of doing this is to explain that you have a concern and ask if the student minds you speaking to them outside of the classroom. Stand with the door open (so you can see your class) and chat in a nice normal tone about how the pupil is.

  2. misscalcul8 says:

    Accusing a student of this can lead to suspension or expulsion, so tread lightly. I think it would be best to discuss your school’s policies with the administration to begin with and also talk to veteran teachers. if a student is acting a fool, they need to be removed from class immediately. If their behavior is distracting the students, it has to be addressed immediately. You can always send them to the office for disruption or disrespect and let the office know your suspicions before the student arrives in the office.

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