Classroom Decorations

What are important classroom decorations and/or things to put on your walls?


6 Responses to Classroom Decorations

  1. I just purchased the following posters from Amazon for my classroom:

    – Ambition Motivational Poster HUGE NEW inspirational

    – Hidden Depths – Iceberg

    – Rock Climber Climbing Motivational Poster Perseverance Collections

    – EARTH BY NIGHT – Satellite Photo POSTER

    – Balance Is The Key To Life Elephant

    – Journey of a Thousand Miles Poster

    – Dalai Lama Live One Day at a Time Poster

    – 17th Century World Map (Antique) Art Poster Print

    – Our Solar System Poster Print

    Going eclectic with a variety of themes. May not show all at same time but I do have tons of blank wall space with only two white boards up front. I plan to tie each of these in to living life to its fullest and applications to math, as applicable.

    Also want to display great mathematician portraits of all nations and genders to ring top of wall along with timeline from approx. 3000 BC to today – emphasizing diversity in evolution of mathematics. Will also have students create some of their own posters for display.

    I would have placed links to the posters above but did not know how to do so in this editor…


  2. Eva Rudolph says:

    This year I am not putting up any posters except for my “Save the drama for your llama” poster, a recycle poster, and a peace poster. Instead I have been given to okay to paint in my room (I’m pretty artsy for a math teacher and this excites me!). The first thing I have painted above my smart board is “Today is going to be amazing! Oh how I love todays.” Love this saying…I’m not sure what else I am going to put up, I don’t want to overdo it, and want to leave some space to display student work. I also have a section called “Words of Wisdom” on the side of a cabinet where I have a lot of quotes (because I am a sucker for a good quote) that I have found on or made myself.

    I am also thinking about having the kids take pictures of some math-ie things (including them or not including them) to print out as poster size to put in the room.

  3. Fluxion Fred says:

    Eva, how do you print anything poster size, other than paying real money at Kinko’s?

    Regarding decorations in general, do inspirational posters work? Or do they just add to the clutter and provide one more distraction?

  4. Karl Mason says:

    You have to think of your four walls as real estate. Everything at the front is the prime location and this has to represent all the values you hold dear as well as the most important aspects of life in your classroom – the classroom agreement – the meta menus. The side walls should have students work of all levels and abilities which acts as a ‘Wow!’ wall and allows students to aspire to. The back wall for me is my form noticeboard and my ‘wonderwall’ – this is an area where people can pose their (non-maths) questions that we endeavour to answer.

    Obviously on the celing I like to have a random assortment of quotes and great mathmaticians. If only you had some way of posting photos!

  5. Eva Rudolph says:

    Fred–> After I load the pictures on my computer I use the free photo editor, Picassa (free download if you just google picassa) and I insterted the text/font I would like on the poster and just order prints online-Sam’s has 20″ x 24″ prints for about 8 dollars that I ordered last year (and Walmart/Walgreens are about the same). I also made posters for the school based on the book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”, that the company that did our yearbook pictures really liked, and they agreed to make actual poster size prints (36″ x 48″) for free….so I totally lucked out on that one! So they might be a company to ask.

    And I agree Karl–I would love to post some pictures and see other’s pics too!

  6. Ms. Miller says:

    I’m snarky and sarcastic enough to hang up Demotivator posters that are even half-way appropriate. (One of my favorites is “Overconfidence – Before you attempt to beat the odds, be sure you could survive the odds beating you.”) Since I’m also a Geometry teacher, I have quite a few student projects hanging from the ceiling and on the walls.

    I also like to have some of my favorite “Far Side” cartoons on my door to give kids something to read if they are waiting for me.

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