Verbal Abuse

What if someone makes fun of someone else?


2 Responses to Verbal Abuse

  1. misscalcul8 says:

    My rule is anyone who says a rude thing has to say two nice things about that person and they can’t be related to appearance. The kids love to catch each other and the students are amazed at my ability to hear insults. They say stupid stuff but the point is that you consistently make them do it. Eventually they being to police their own words a little better. It applies to anyone- if they make a comment about another teacher, a student not in the room, a principal, a celebrity, their mom, themselves, ANYONE. You would be amazed how hard it is for them to say two nice things about themselves.

  2. hillby says:

    Call it out immediately. This is inappropriate behavior. It might help to be able to cite the specific behavior. Protests can be met with “I may be mistaken on what I heard, but there is no doubt that verbal abuse is not tolerated here.” Punishment is secondary to being crystal clear on calling out inappropriate behavior. When in doubt, have a private conversation later.

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