Late Work

How is late work treated?


4 Responses to Late Work

  1. Karl Mason says:

    Award credit for beating a deadline, so many points per day, this gets them into a good routine of beating deadlines. For pupils that miss the deadline, I have a 24 hour rule, if the work is to me within 24 hours, then no questions will be asked, after this I will have a meeting with the student, to find out why and help them with an action plan. Really important that students you know have a habit of late work is that you plan for it, you try and help the pupil overcome their problem, start an homework club, check in with them daily, get them to do homework the night it is set and have it off them the next day. Do something so that it doesnt become a continuous cycle of despair for the pupil.

  2. I want all my students to complete their homework, therefore, I would allow late homework only if the student tells me in advance that the homework will be late. If the student does not communicate with me that homework will be late, I’m thinking of deducting 10% for every day that homework is not turned in. If not turning homework becomes an issue, the student will be required to attend tutoring after school after the issue is discussed thoroughly.

    One thing I would avoid is to jump to conclusions about my students. I do not want to label my student as “lazy”, when the real problem is that he/she simply does not have a quiet place to do homework.

  3. Karl Mason says:

    There are issues with deducting points for lateness, primarily, no matter how late work comes in, the level of effort is generally the same, if you start punishing pupils for lateness it becomes a better idea for them to rush it and get it in on time instead.

    I use the internet for my homework, I set all the half terms home works at the start of the half term, and they can do them as they please, as long as they are done by end of half-term.

    This is my new way of homework that I ran this last half term.

    Website is

  4. samjshah says:

    I teach calculus using SBG, so I don’t grade homework. So this isn’t an issue.

    For algebra II, I do grade homework — partly for completion (on the day of) and partly for correctness (on binder checks that come later… for the binder checks, students are expected to have corrected any errors they have on their nightly work). I don’t accept late work for completion. But it’s worth so little (10% of their grade, and I check it randomly but usually 15 or so times a quarter) that it won’t matter unless this happens a lot. And they still have to do it for the binder check.

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